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Congratulations Mr.Pravin our 12.12.12 winner

By December 17, 2012August 21st, 2017No Comments
12-2-12 Contest winner

12-2-12 Contest winner

Congratulations Mr.Pravin our 12.12.12 winner of the ‘Once in a lifetime  gift offer’ @ WIPL.

This month the most hyped date was 12/12/12 because of its significance as all three numerical in that date were same. It will be after 88 years that such a date will come again which will be January 1, 2101, or 01-01-01. Considering the rareness of the date, WIPL decided to make it a special one for those existing clients who had their Birthday on 12/12/12. Hence, we introduced our “Once in a lifetime Gift” offer. It was a one day offer wherein we decided to give the first three claimants a cash coupon worth Rs. 12000 as a special Birthday gift. It always feels great to make people feel happy and special.

The proud recipient of the gift was Mr. Pravin Ambedkar and we at WIPL tried our Best to make this 12/12/12 a memorable one for him. It was a reciprocal feeling, as after giving away the gift, we too felt happy and special. It is always very gratifying for us @ wipl to do something out of the box to make people smile ☺ Once again a very Happy Birthday Mr. Pravin, we are sure that this Birthday must be a memorable one for you.

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