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How to use G Suite for Sales and Marketing

By July 6, 2016April 13th, 2020No Comments

It’s no secret that Google is a robust search tool and search engine giant.

I think most of us are already using G Suite for a while now.G Suite comes with benefits for Sales and Marketing to go digital.

After all, You can easily access G Suite from anywhere and anytime(with an internet connection), which helps to make collaboration with your peers easy and seamless.

The best part, the apps are free to use, making them an ideal solution for small business owners, and businesses on a budget.

We’re also a proud user of Google Apps and are happy to share the beneficial tips onG Suite for sales and marketing groups for working faster and collaborating better.

#1. Collaborate on an RFP(Request for Proposal) with your team using Google Docs

 Have an urgent project proposal to deliver on a short timeline?

Do you need input from various team members but want to avoid version control and edit locking issues?

Don’t Worry. You can create Request for Proposal(RFP) in real-time using Google Docs. You can share your Request for Proposal with your marketing and sales team, no matter where they are or time of day. No need for sending emails back and forth. Learn deeper here.

#2. Team Calendar for all

The calendar helps you stay up to date about whereabouts of your team/employees, when someone is on vacation or when they return. Create a group calendar to keep everyone up to speed on promotions, schedules, and deadlines. It lets you keep all the deadlines in one place for the employees and vendors.

#3. Examine the feedback from Leads and Customers

Google Forms is possibly the most under-utilized tool inG Suite.

It can create feedback and information forms quickly, then access and store the information with zero IT engagement. Priceless.

So it is a good way to solicit feedback from current customers and leads.

These surveys from your clientele give you valuable feedback which helps in your product development.

Sending a survey to attendees after a webinar or to your email marketing list is an excellent way to know either your content is successful or not.

#4. Google Hangouts for Conducting Marketing Meetings or Sales Training

 Have a scattered sales force that needs timely training?

Want to lessen the onsite training expenses? Try Google Hangouts to conduct a virtual training class across the globe while saving time and travel expenses.

Additionally, you can manage marketing meetings from remote locations or insert your agency as part of a meeting.

It also helps to record the training session which can make it available later! Check Google Hangouts in detail.

#5. Create Sales presentations Quickly with Google Slides

Need to prepare presentation slides for customer or sales meeting? Have to work on your CEO’s keynote presentation with your marketing team members?

Jump into Google Slides and collaborate with other marketing team members together to craft your key messages and graphics into an impactful slide deck presentation.

#6.Organize and Send Email quickly in Gmail

Do you want a smart folder arrangement?  Do you want to have Gmail sort emails for you?

Google’s Gmail is a powerful email tool that allows you to organize and categorize your mail in one place. You can set up labels and filters to find and reply to the emails more easily whenever you need to make a quick response and to a particular client from a group.

So it’s an excellent idea to use Gmail as an email program when combined with Google’s other apps and collaboration. Learn here how to filter incoming messages in Gmail.

#7. Use Google Sheets for Managing Trade Shows

 Have ever organized a trade show with several teams and an aggressive deadline? You want to make sure that assets are created and delivered on time.

Need to record sign-ups for booth duty? Google Sheets come as an excellent marketing tool. Google Sheets allows you to create, store, share and update all your project information in real time at one place. Learn more about trade shows here.

Note: Check out how to use G Suite  for your Retail Business.


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