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10 ways How Google Apps can make your business Paperless

By July 5, 2016August 29th, 2017No Comments
How Google Apps can make your office Paperless

The world is interacting online. Companies are sending virtual invoices and wiring money from one remote corner of the globe to another without a single bit of paper involved.

A paperless work culture and economy are one of the biggest ecological benefits that computers and cloud technology have gifted us with along with multiple others. It has never been more important to preserve our natural resources and going paperless will save a lot more trees than you can think.

Make your business paperless with Google Apps

Google is not far behind is pushing this endeavor forward. With its in-house baby Google Apps, you can go almost absolutely paperless and manage all your business needs virtually. Let’s see how!

#1 No need to buy calendars anymore

With Google Calendar and Google Sheets, you can create virtual online project plans, add tasks and assign them to your team members. It is very flexible too!

Any of the added members can directly update any assigned task in real time without having to go through a bunch of reminders and emails. The calendar can be used to create schedules and deadlines, and your team members can use it to keep track of the same!

You can schedule team meetings using Google Calendar and attach the project plan, so everybody is updated with the meeting agenda.

#2 Goodbye Paper Surveys tedious post-survey calculations

Google Forms can cater to all your survey needs. You don’t need 1000s of questionnaire copies and burn money getting them printed. With Google forms, you can easily create and distribute customized forms online.

These forms can be about anything like event responses, class surveys, signup request forms, non-profit donations and more. As the forms are filled and submitted online, the data will be efficiently collected in Google Sheets for you to view later!

#3 Create Virtual Bulletin Boards

Have a major update and don’t have a signboard to hang the newsletter?

Don’t worry, use Google Groups instead and send out important news to your entire team with a single click. You can add multiple members to these groups and then a virtual bulletin board is created where the members get an email instantly.

#4 Revert to earlier versions of your documents instantly

Many times, it becomes essential to fish out past records and documents. With Google Drive, all these documents, images and videos can be stored in a single file thus, making your entire file library organized.

Also, if you open any one doc, you can see the revisions, modifications and other activity performed on it on the right-hand side. From here you can just click on the dates to go to previous versions. How simple?

#5 Have online company meetings and brainstorming sessions

Google Docs and Drive come with advanced sharing options. After you have created the same, you can share it with team members and clients for review, feedback, and comments.

#6 High amount of free cloud storage

With Google Drive, you can store umpteen numbers of files, docs, images and videos in your Google account. While they are data protected, on one hand, you don’t need to print these and keep historical records!

This is ideal for businesses with remote teams at multiple locations as it eases managements and smoothens workflow. Team members have one click access to all files and folders, and your data remains backed up and secure.

#7 Send business report PDFs to your clients and team members

PDF reports, presentations, and proposals are easy to access across digital frameworks but converting, updating and compiling PDFs every time there is a changing variable can be time taking and tedious.

With Google Docs, you can send a link to the PDF version of your file. Now you don’t have to create another link when you update the file. The link remains the same, and the file is updated! When team members and clients open your PDF, they get the latest information.

#8 Share resources and bring down working costs

With Google Site, you can track and manage all your resources, online assets, and websites from one location. You can add your team members and make life easier for them.

Having separate verticals for each asset that you own can make the entire portfolio difficult to manage. Keeping them in one place makes the process streamlined. The entire team will receive any updates instantly.

#9 Scan and store physical documents with a single click

Back in the day, the entire scanning process was inefficient. First, take a scan and then print it for distribution.

Now, you can use the Google Drive app on your phone to instantly scan any document that you want and share them with your team. They are immediately saved as PDFs and become ready for sharing.

#10 Employee Training with Google Hangouts

Employee training processes are an elaborate affair involving infrastructural costs, time wastage and a lot of indirect overheads. With Google Hangouts, you don’t need to hand over printed material manually to your new workforce.

You can quickly conduct virtual training classes with the help of Google Hangouts. Your new employees might well be home and learn all about what they have to do. If you have material to share, then you can do it sing Google Sites or create a new group as we saw above.

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