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How to use G Suite for your Retail Business

By July 8, 2016April 13th, 2020No Comments

In the retail industry, information mainly follows a top-down structure, and the culture tends to revolve around command and control. From administrators to company agents, employees usually lack sources to share opinions and communicate amongst peers via structured and collaborative channels.

The retail world is evolving. Different product lines and promotions are implemented, new stores are opening, and employees need to be on-boarded quickly, all while maintaining brand consistency. Retailers have to move and communicate swiftly.

You should Google and realize the powerful benefits of moving the retail operations to a cloud-based IT solution i.e. G Suite.

With robust features at the heart of the G Suite, the retailers can plan, organize, and execute the next sales campaign.

G Suite and Chrome devices keep up with your business and allow you to adjust to the constantly changing retail environment.

Let’s dig deeper here how Retailers are using G Suite to increase associate store management, drive revenue and bring products to market faster.

#1. Real Time Collaboration and Coordination in stores

You can get more than Email account with cloud-based G Suite solution.

You can send instant messages. You can also connect and contribute with your team members at any location via voice and video conferencing. Organization members can easily Collaborate together in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

It takes hours to reach out to every employee via phone calls, emails, faxes, etc. to send important company updates. But Google Docs and Sites give a central place for all of the employees to get the message in minutes instead of hours.

Shared Calendars also offer easy scheduling of weekly calls, new releases, and promotions, so everyone’s in the know and on time.

#2. Calendar for Employees and Vendors

Always querying who’s on leave and for how long? Want to keep all project deadlines in one place so customers and staff members should know the delivery date? You can Create an organization calendar in Google Calendar to keep everyone up to speed on promotions, campaign deadlines, and schedules. 

#3. Work from Anywhere

 Your staff is empowered to work from anywhere, on virtually any device with the help of G Suite. It increases productivity, efficiency, and allows your people to get more things done. Check out the list of  tips in detail.

#4. Geo locate Assets

Google Maps is the perfect business solution for retail companies. It can help to increase client engagement by placing a store locator on your website, which makes easy for the customers to find you.

#5. Train your store worker anytime, anywhere, from any device

G Suite makes Training, interviewing, and hiring in the retail company very easier with mobile video chats.

You can save all your product launch videos, marketing campaigns, promotions, store return policies, and safety methods in Google Drive, then embed these stored files in Google Sites.

If you need live training, conduct a virtual training class across the globe with Google Hangouts to save time and travel costs. You can also record the Hangout training class in youtube channel to make it available on-demand later!

#6. Handle store operation processes online, from any device

Streamline your business processes by moving all your operations and processes online. With Google Forms, you can create electronic forms for product recalls, time off requests, ordering supplies, acknowledgments of company policies, and more in just a few minutes. These forms are easy to update and can be reached from computers, or mobile devices.

#7. IT & Mobile Device Management

Owners can easily handle employees and their devices via a simple online interface. IT Admin of the company can instantly add/remove, locate, and even clean out the data from stolen or lost devices.

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