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Innovation Crazy People @WIPL

By February 19, 2013August 21st, 2017No Comments
Wiploman story discursion

After reading the WIPLOMAN and INTELLA’s geeky love story, everyone must be aware that there are  a bunch of Innovation Crazy People @WIPL who always come up with crazy innovative ideas.

Apparently, many people loved the story, as our Facebook page likes have multiplied more than double. We received great participation from people all over in terms of suggestions coming in, people following the story regularly and sharing it further. It feels wonderful to receive such an acknowledgement.
Wiploman story discursion

With this story campaign, our appreciation for story developers has increased manifolds. We go back to the first week of February when we planned to do something for 14th Feb. Innovation crazy people as we are, our marketing team decided to go distinct this time. One of our team mates, probably in deep thoughts about his girlfriend and excited about celebrating Valentine’s Day, suggested that we should make our WIPLOMAN fall in love this season. The suggestion seemed weird at once but it made everyone smile, which meant most people liked the idea. WIPL, being a Web Hosting company was well aware that nothing like this had ever happened before in the Web Hosting Industry, still we wanted to take a chance. Hence, we made this story our campaign towards Feb 14th.

The task that seemed easy on the surface gave us many sleepless nights. Our days usually started with multiple brain racking sessions accompanied by innumerable cups of coffee.   Together, as we decided the plot of the story, we faced the challenge of diving it into small sections and then to prepare the right content. Our major focus while developing the content were to keep the thread of the story intact, ensuring that it does not go off track, and making sure that the content was interesting and relatable. Preparing eye-catching graphics to match the story was also very tasking. Kudos to our Super designer who worked tirelessly for preparing some amazing graphics for the story. Let us tell you that she even cancelled her date on 14th for completing her work.

Apprehensions chased us through the process but we were determined not to give up.

In such a situation of Adrenalin rush, we pulled it through. With the release of the climax of the story our team took the sigh of victory with the feeling that the story went well as planned and was liked by many. For days, people kept sending us appreciation and feedback letters. Some even called us to know more about WIPLOMAN.

This made us feel that it may not have been the best Geek love story ever, but surely the cutest ever.

Now, our Marketing team is on a prowl for another such crazy campaign. You will get to know in sometime for sure.

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