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Why Switch to G Suite from Traditional Email Service

By July 6, 2016April 13th, 2020No Comments

Email is one of the most important business communication means around. Your Email Id represents your professionalism and authenticity of your business.

In Spite of the popularity of professional email services, there are still many companies, who rely on Traditional Email Services or free email accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. for the communication.

The first impression is necessary for business. If you are using the free email services for your business communication; it shows that you are not serious enough for your business.

Even your web hosting account also includes the email accounts with your domain name. But these free email accounts also have poor design and interface, which can make it challenging to setup and use on multiple devices.

Threats associated with Free or Traditional Email Services are:

1. Security: If your login, password, or messages are sending in plain text, they may easily be intercepted by unwanted entities.

2. Privacy: Like Security, Privacy is one the important risk factor involved with free email services. I recommend you to take a glimpse over their terms of policies while signing up with the free email services.

3. Customer Service: There is no customer service for free email accounts. It is truly a case of “you get what you pay for”.

4. Limits and Restrictions: Most free services have limits of how many emails you can send in any given period. Often there are other restrictions placed on functionality should you choose to use, or are restricted to using the service’s web-based interface.

So, Having own domain email address is the simplest way to elevate your company business without any effort. It works as an advertisement for you. Professional email solutions give your business an easily recognizable look and more memorable in your customers’ inbox.

So, there is no need to promote Yahoo or Hotmail, but support your company with your domain email address.

Imagine your clients getting an email from [email protected] instead of [email protected]. Which email do you think they are most likely to open and respond? Of course Branded Email.

So how can you get your self-hosted email account? Enter G Suite.

You can set up a professional email address with G Suite and can enjoy the powerful features of G Suite. There are more than 5 million businesses across the globe use G Suite and business. Even cloud-based email options offer far greater scalability and flexibility than server-based email.

Why to switch to G Suite

Walking away from traditional email services and applications might seem like a risky move, but there are so many reasons to go with G Suite. So, consider these top five reasons to make the switch this year:

#1. Access AnyWhere

G Suite allow for increased mobility of information so employees can access their emails, calendars, and any other information is accessible from wherever or on any device.

G Suite email accounts sync up instantly and automatically, so data is accessible from multiple devices. So it increases the productivity level, particularly for remote workers. G Suite also break down the barriers of place-based business applications freeing employees to do their work when and where they need to. Dig here deeper.

#2. Collaboration

Information is stored on the cloud servers instead of on employee computers, so multiple users can access and contribute to projects simultaneously. Collaborative tools also includes:

–  Real-time project collaboration and document editing

 Video and Voice Conferencing

 Eliminates attachment round-trips by storing data in the cloud save time and reduces frustrations for teams who need to work together efficiently.

The Best of all, Sharing mechanism within Docs, Sites and Video enables a new level of collaboration since the cloud is on and accessible 24/7/365. Dig here deeper.

#3. Minimal Learning Tool

Training in your team to work within a new system can often be a real time strain, but moving over to G Suite means that you are using a system your team is already comfortable.

Most of the peoples already have a personal Gmail account, and understand how to use Google Drive, Calendar, and the available features of Google. 

Tip: Check out Google Learning Centre here.

#4. Increased storage

 With traditional or free email services, you get inadequate storage capacity for employee email. But in today’s world, businesses rely massively on email as a primary form of communication among employees, clients, and business partners.

G Suite gives enough storage space for your staff to save and sort urgent emails to your business operations. G Suite also comes with powerful sorting and searching options for email so important messages are always close at hand.

#5. Security & Reliability

Increased mobility, Reduced costs, and technical problems, boosted storage capacity, are great reasons to switch to G Suite.

But honestly, the best reason to switch to G Suite is the security and reliability a corporation like Google can bring to your business operations. With a name like Google behind a product, you know you can trust the service and the security their business applications provide.

So, Break down the old barriers of the 20th-century workplace and Make a great decision for your business with G Suite.

Note: I recommend you to read this article How G Suite is more secure than Traditional Email Services.



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