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New Big Innings @ wipl

New Big Innings @ wipl

How it is that we all love new beginnings be it as small as the beginning of a new dawn or as big as the beginning of a new millennium. The sole reason for such an affection is that it gives us hope that we always have time to start afresh.

At WIPL, new beginnings are referred as NEW BIG-INNINGS.

In the month of February, WIPL, India’s Leading Web Hosting Company, rolled out the first edition of its Monthly Newsletter considering it important to keep its valuable customers updated. This was a big-inning for our Team as we always wanted to do something to keep our customers in touch. The newsletter will help solve the purpose and carry information about the latest happenings at WIPL with some great offers for our existing clients.

The other Big-inning at WIPL was the launch of our Superhero WIPLOMAN’s geeky love story with which we welcomed INTELLA to our Web Hosting Superheroes’ team. The story was the first of its kind and became a significant hit.

Such achievements always call for great celebrations and we do not shy away from doing so. The success of the story campaign was followed by a small party at WIPL with some words of praise for the marketing team which was completely morale boosting.

Not long after that, we celebrated our CEO’s birthday that was a daylong celebration. We witnessed bouquet of flowers and gifts pouring in. The team also took the initiative to decorate the CEO’s cabin with all sorts of good things before he arrived for work. There was something more that the team wanted to do to surprise him, but the plan failed at the last minute as the CEO entered the office before time.

Whatever little we could do for him was welcomed and appreciated. Later our CEO treated us with some utterly delicious food, something that our team always longs for.

Oh! How we wish that such celebrations would never end and such BIG-INNINGS continue to take place at WIPL!

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