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The day dedicated to SUPERGIRLS of WIPL

By March 18, 2013August 21st, 2017No Comments
Dedicated to supergirls of WIPL

Dedicated to supergirls of WIPL

Bright summers have set in. There is a change in the way people now dress up for work. Sweaters and Overcoats have given way to cottons and chiffon. Light pastel colors like white and pink are like hot favorites.

Women hold a lot of affinity towards pink color and talking about it reminds us of the WOMEN’s DAY that we celebrated at WIPL, web hosting company in India. It was on 8th of March, somewhere around 4:15 pm that all our female employees/ SUPERGIRLS of WIPL  received a “Happy Women’s Day” mail from the CEO. The surprise element of the mail was the poem written by him, which goes as follows:

“If WIPL is a Data center.. …lalalalala..

then you lovely ladies at WIPL are the bandwidth to it,

If WIPL is a server… . …lalalalala

then you lovely ladies are the OS that runs on it

If WIPL is a Cloud . …lalalalala

then you wonderful ladies are the cloud lets that provide the scalability to it.

You are the super hope, super power & super gurls of WIPL I always say..”

Not only this, he had also made arrangements for a surprise party. This was certainly unexpected. At the party, our super girls were welcomed with a huge round of applause by all the male employees. The feeling of being special was apparent on everyone’s faces as the words of praises started pouring in, in the honor of women power.

Altogether, every effort that day was made to make the females or the SUPER GIRLS of WIPL feel that they are an integral part of the Organization and WIPL is incomplete without them.

That is WIPL for you.

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