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Do you think that working in a Technical Industry is monotonous? Let’s talk about a Web Hosting company. How do you perceive the organizational environment of this company? Dull? Serious? Boring? Of course, we know you can only imagine a bunch of geeks, wearing big glasses, sitting in front of their best friends (Oh! Well, we mean computers), their eyes penetrating the computer screens (God knows in search of What) and then spending the whole day in that frozen posture. Isn’t it?



Well, our dear friends, we are afraid that it’s not the case with us at WIPL. Sorry about breaking that geeky fantasy of boredom. WIPL may belong to the Web Hosting Industry, but we surely are not one of those gathering of people who experience the light of fun once or twice a year. Working at WIPL is sheer fun everyday. Please note that we never compromise on our sincerity or else we would not be India’s Top web hosting company today.

Now, the question is how do we break the boredom of day to day functioning in a technical environment? The answer is with a lot of interaction and fun activities like Mango Party, decoration workplace , A day out etc. We believe in taking power gaps (Yes, you heard it right! Not powers Naps but Power Gaps). In these power gaps, we organize some quick activities. For e.g in the month of July we had many such activities including virtual volley ball, dumb charades, name game and many other. Such activities refresh our team members and quickly pull them out of a lull. And this we say only after taking our Team’s feedback.

WIPL Collage

To add on, the lunch parties, pizza parties, birthday celebrations always keep us excited. And how can we not mention the Brunch organized by Ms.Nisha, our company’s Director of HR Operations at her residence. It was a great experience for the whole team. Engaging in a casual chit chat with the seniors and their family is nothing less than fun. It is surely a life long memory to be cherished forever.

All these things keep us away from being a team of dull people. So Now, when you think about WIPL, imagine a bunch of geeks, wearing big glasses, sitting in front of their computers yet taking breaks, interacting with team members, having a hearty laugh, participating in activities and enjoying their fun filled life.

About WIPL – WIPL’s India’s top web hosting company offering web hosting in India & across the Globe with a passionate customer support & cutting edge technology.

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