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We Create Witty for fun

By April 22, 2013August 21st, 2017No Comments
Collarge - WIPL

Collarge - WIPL

Everyone possesses an inborn creative instinct. It may lay latent for a period of time but it’s sure to come to surface when one stays disconnected from the personal self for a long time. Creativity, of any sort, brings us closer to ourselves and rejuvenates us in a way that directly leads to happiness and self-satisfaction. It is a tested fact that when one is happy and content, one works more productively, makes better decisions and is able to deal with stress better.

The only thing that stops us from bringing out that creative instinct is paucity of time. Because of such a rushed life, we are forgetting that artist that we all inherently are. For working people, its only when their organization gives them creative freedom that they can sneak out time to connect to the artistic or the creative self within.

Fortunately, at WIPL, Web Hosting company in India, we get the required freedom to take breaks when we are not at our productive best. It is then, that we all are encouraged to put our brain to creative use in whatever way we want. To give meaning to our creativity, most of us choose to decorate our workstations, some choose to listen to music and some – just think. Whatever it is, if that 30 minutes break can get us back to life, it is worth it. And then we perform and perform happily.

It is a treat to the eyes the way the workstations are decorated at WIPL. The team mates astonish us with their creativity as well as what they call – Create-witty. You may like to have a glimpse of it in the above image.

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