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WIPL introduces Hybrid Dedicated Servers

By July 13, 2019July 16th, 2019No Comments
WIPL introduces Hybrid Dedicated Servers

WIPL has recently introduced the Hybrid Dedicated Servers on our India based NCR Datacentre. The benefit of our Hybrid Servers is the combination of a dedicated server with cloud technology. Customers can enjoy non-shared resources with the flexibility of cloud features.

What are the challenges with the Bare-metal Servers?

The biggest challenge is the deployment time and on-demand scalability, since the traditional servers are limited with the hardware availability, you can not instantly deploy or scale them up without a downtime.

How does WIPL’s Hybrid Dedicated Server resolve this?

Almost instant deployment time, Yes, your new hybrid dedicated servers can be deployed in less than 10 minutes and upgraded too. Our cutting edge technology removes the deployment time that takes in the traditional dedicated server deployment scenario and allows you to create and delete your servers as you want. Totally Cloud!

How does the Hybrid Servers work?

Our Hybrid servers are designed to deliver the servers, technologies & management processes in an integrated manner. You can quickly spin up on-demand smart servers, with OS, applications, console access, latest drivers support and security patches in minutes and not hours.

Are these expensive?

Not at all, in some cases our Hybrid Solution can be cheaper by almost 40% than the traditional Bare Metal.

Which OS is supported on your Hybrid Dedicated Servers?

We offer Windows, CentOS & Ubuntu on our Dedicated Servers.

WorldClass Features on WIPL’s Hybrid Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated Hardware

Resources like RAM, CPU, and Storage are dedicated to your server. So, you’ll experience nothing but high-performance computing with no contention

India Datacentre

We host all our hybrid Infrastructure in India’s most advanced Datacentre facility at Delhi NCR, it’s the same facility which is home to many leading ECommerce giants like Jabong, Flipkart, CarDekho & more.

Insane Up-time

Our services are protected by 99.9% UpTime SLA which delivers peace of mind to you. You can focus on your business leaving the worries of Infrastructure management on us.

Lower License Cost

Since the Hybrid Dedicated Servers work on Virtualization technology, your license cost for a lot many softwares goes down. For eg, a Cloud License for Cpanel is $ 14 While the same license for a bare metal will start with $42.

Ultra-Fast Deployment

You can start using a dedicated cloud server in a few minutes if not seconds.

Affordable Pricing

Compare any of our managed plans with the competition, we are almost 30% cheaper on the same hardware.

Easy Migration

Seamlessly migrate your existing compute workloads to WIPL’s Hybrid Dedicated Servers. Then, downgrade or upgrade at your convenience

Full Admin Access

You’ll have full root-level access and a dedicated IP address when you take WIPL’s Hybrid Dedicated Server.

Monthly/Hourly Billing

Our billing is transparent and is purely based on hourly/monthly usage of resources, nothing else.

Is there a trial available?

For our existing customers Yes! If you are a new customer please contact our sales team and they’ll evaluate and provide a trial.

For more details, connect with your account manager or call us at +91-141-410-5555 or mail at [email protected] to get complete details on the feature set of our Hybrid Dedicated Servers.

Explore our Hybrid Servers

and experience the power of Cloud on Servers.

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