Capture what’s important and get more done.

Keep organized. Capture inspiration and to-dos
effortlessly. Collaborate on notes with teammates and
set reminders to stay on track. Everything syncs across
your devices, so what’s important is always in

Do more together.

With Keep, it’s easy to collaborate with your colleagues on notes, lists, photos, audio, and drawings. Capture brainstorm ideas quickly, keep them on hand while you work, and watch to-dos get checked off in real time.

Do more together
Update notes anytime, anywhere

Update notes anytime, anywhere.

Access, create, and edit notes wherever you go — from your computer, phone, or tablet — even when there’s no connection. Every edit you make is automatically saved and updated across all devices.

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Find what you need fast

Find what you need fast.

Keep makes it easy to organize your notes and find what you’re looking for even faster. Quickly filter notes by color, label, or attributes like lists with images, audio notes with reminders, or shared notes. Or pin important notes to the top of your list.

Never miss a deadline

Never miss a deadline.

Reminders in Keep help you get work done, when and where you need to. Presentation draft due at 3 PM? Set a time-based reminder. Need to pick up snacks for the team picnic? Add a location-based reminder to alert you when you pass by the grocery store.

Bring ideas to life

Bring ideas to life.

Quickly jot down notes and ideas in Keep, and easily reference them for inspiration while you’re collaborating with teammates in Docs. Just access the Keep notepad via Docs’ Tools menu and you’ll see all of your Keep notes in a side panel.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access Keep?

There’s several ways to access Keep:

  • Download the Keep mobile app on your phone (Android or iOS) or Android Wear watch.
  • Use Keep on the web at
  • Install and use the Keep Chrome browser extension.


What types of notes can I create in Keep?

You can create text notes and lists, either typing by hand or with your voice. You can also add the following to any note or list:

  • Images
  • Drawings
  • Web or app content
  • Audio recordings


Can I share Keep notes? Who can I share them with?

Yes. You can add collaborators to your notes and lists, or send notes and lists through other Google products and third party mobile apps. You might be able to share notes outside your organization, if that option is enabled by your G Suite administrator.

What happens if two or more people edit a shared note at the same time?

If two people edit a shared note or list at the same time, the edits are merged together.