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What is an online server?
Can online server really help me & my business?
Let's cover it all.

Understanding online server is as simple as starting with it.

Online Server, it’s more than just a high-end machine

First things first

Knowing what is an online server.

Online server aka web server is a computer or a machine that’s connected to an online network.
Server is someone who serves. To illustrate, servers are used to serve or deliver files, folders, to multiple people either simultaneously or one on one.
Simply, they store websites, applications, software and broadcast them over internet for users to see it.

Online Server
Web Servers

The question is

Is online server helpful for my business?

Absolutely. Online server is really helpful for a business that has a lot of data.

Are you still using books, copies or files (physical) to record all your data? Suppose those books catch fire. What if someone steals those books and run away? Can you get that data back?

The answer is no.

Now suppose all your data is stored in a high end computer or web server that you can access from anywhere through internet. All you need is an ID & Password. Also now its no more occupying your office shelves because all the hardware is actually located in the datacenter.

Got your Answer?

You need a web server that’s for sure.

But let’s understand what kind of online server will be best for you.

What are Dedicated Servers?

The big building that you own

Just like a building has a lot of space, similarly your dedicated web server has a lot of disc space typically in terabytes. It is a remote computer, that is dedicated entirely to an individual, enterprise & organization. A Dedicated server a stored in datacenter. If you are not a professional IT person, you would require a Web Hosting Company to manage it.

You can use a dedicated server:

  1. Running a website or multiple websites with high traffic
  2. As an ERP software
  3. Deploying a Web Application
  4. Video Streaming
  5. Sending E-mails
  6. Data Storage
Dedicated Servers
vps hosting

What is VPS Hosting?

Your very own Floor in the Building

A Virtual Private Server or a VPS is a part of dedicated server just like floors in a building. Similar to dedicated server,  a virtual online server provides you space to run multiple operations. Moreover, there are other VPS also running on a single dedicated web server just like in a building you can have multiple floors.

One can use a VPS for:

  1. Running Multiple Websites
  2. Database server
  3. Email Server
  4. Applications or Softwares

What is Shared Hosting?

A fully furnished room in the building.

You don’t directly go and purchase a building. You start small, you start with shared hosting. Shared server is the most popular option for startups or individuals building their first website. Here, the space or the resources provided is not the same as that of dedicated or VPS Hosting. You cannot make much changes in this environment just like a fully furnished room.

You can use a shared server:

  1. Running a Blog
  2. Small E-commerce website with not much traffic.
  3. Small Applications.
shared hosting

Understanding server was easy. Right?

Now you have learned a lot about what online server or web server is.
Well, its time to figure out which one is going to rock your business.

Dedicated Server

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vps hosting

VPS Hosting

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shared hosting

Web Hosting

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