Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in Hong Kong

Customizable Dedicated Servers that guarantee Security, Performance &
Utmost satisfaction on every $ spent.

  • 100% Power Supply
  • 1 GBPS connectivity
  • Lowest Latency.

Fully Managed Indian Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing

We pride ourselves in offering the best support across the Industry for Dedicated Servers. Whether you are a developer, Reseller, Blogger, Small Business or Enterprise, get the perfect Dedicated Server plan for your website or application designed by us.

World-Class Features Bundled with every Dedicated Server

Fast SSD

6x Faster than your general storage drives to handle enterprise data storage.

Dedicated IP Address

For Direct accessibility & to enhance the security of the server with a dedicated IP address.

Port Speed

A whopping 1 GBPS Speed to ensure quick upload & download of your files. 

Full Root & Shell Access (SSH)

Take full control with unrestricted access for custom installs & management.


To ensure that your data is extremely well protected through the mirroring of drives.

Standard DDoS Protection

To mitigate threats and protect your server from sudden attacks.


Get Start with 5 TB of monthly bandwidth & upgrade it as per your need.

24×7 Tech Support & Monitoring

Personalised support delivered on calls & email 24/7 even on national holidays.

Unlimited SSL Certificate

With LetsEncrypt, install as many SSLs absolutely free on our web servers.

Security Bundle Installation

A host of security-related aspects are taken care of by us to protect your server.

Benefits of Choosing a Fully Managed Dedicated Server From WIPL

Hong Kong DC

17/F, Global Gateway, 168 Yeung Uk Road

Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong
INAP Data Centers and POPs
AvailabilityCages, Cabinets, Suites
20 kW per Cabinet
Security and Support
Onsite 24/7/365

Certifications & Compliance

Our data centers are designed to adhere to domestic and international compliance and environmental standards.

  • SOC 2 Type II – Our Datacenter’s SOC 2, Type II reports not only confirm that the data center security and operational procedures have been reviewed and tested by an independent certified auditor, but they also validate that our facilities’ controls and processes are designed to safeguard our customers’ equipment and data.
  • PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a requirement designed to protect cardholder data and the environments in which cardholder data is stored, processed or transmitted. Partnering with us to achieve PCI compliance can reduce compliance costs, increase security and decrease the time it takes to obtain your own Report on Compliance (ROC).
  • HIPAA – The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act provided regulations protecting the privacy and security of certain health information. Our Datacenter provides a HIPAA-ready environment for our managed hosting and private cloud customers.

Stable Network

Our servers connect to the Internet through redundant high-speed connections that guarantee a 99.99% Network uptime excluding scheduled maintenance and prior notified upgrades.

  • Scalability

    We’ve built our network to connect you to anywhere you need to be.

  • Reliability

    Our network’s 99.999% availability means you won’t have to worry about explaining it to your customers either.

  • Low Latency

    We ensure the lowest latency possible for your outbound traffic—all day, every day, no matter what.

Maximum Security

A lot of security-related aspects are taken care of by our Security Administrators. Following are some of the aspects that we cover:

  • RDP Port and policy Security
  • Server Drive Security
  • Users-based Permission security
  • IP and Domain Restrictions
  • Mail Server Security
  • SIM (System Integrity Monitor) monitors critical services, load, network, etc.

Have Complete Peace of Mind with Our Free Migration

A team with a track record of migrating 1000+ VPS Instances smoothly will ensure that the required files, emails, database, websites, etc. are migrated with the help of Plesk & cPanel your old shared Hosting Plan or VPS or Dedicated Server to our new Managed Linux VPS Hosting in India with WIPLON.
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Our Fully Managed Dedicated Servers For Business Scenarios Across Industries Click Here

Designing & Development Companies

Create unlimited sub-accounts to host your client’s applications & websites.

Education Industry

Host Learning Management System (LMS) Applications that require High bandwidth & CPU.

Recharge Companies

High-Performance servers that ensure your client transactions happen smoothly.

Accounting Firms

Hosting Accounting & Taxation software for anywhere accessibility & security.

Government Project

Declare various Government exam results by hosting the portal on our servers.

Custom Softwares/

Host your Web-Based Application or software for seamless performance.

Manufacturing Industry

Deploy your ERP or SAP on our Dedicated Servers instead of On-Premise Servers.

High Traffic Blogging Website

Our servers are built to handle the high number of concurrent visitors to your blog.

Telecom Companies

Servers with High IOPs & Clock speed to optimize mobile network quality & reliable testing.

eCommerce Websites Built on Magento, WooCommerce

Our servers offer advanced caching technology & other powerful features for your Ecommerce Website.


Host your CRM Software on our servers for faster load time & 99.99% uptime service

AI, ML, big data, and advanced analytics apps

Our servers offer the highest processing power for complicated calculations & analytics.

What distinguishes an Unmanaged Server from a Fully Managed Dedicated Server?

Understand the difference between an Unmanaged Dedicated Server & WIPL’s Fully Managed Dedicated Server.

Industry’s Fastest Ticket Response Time

When you are taking a Managed Linux VPS Hosting with us, we understand your mission criticality. Our Team is always on its toes to deliver a reply to every Ticket that you raise in just 10 Minutes.

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Simple Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a type of remote server (one that is not located in your office) that is dedicated to a single individual, organization or application. The resources are not shared with any other customers, services or applications. You can purchase a dedicated server on a monthly basis & get the stated amount of memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth. This saves a lot of your time & money in internet connection, security system, and network administration costs if you deploy and manage it on your premise.

Q2. Why do I need a Dedicated Server? What are the benefits of a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a resource-rich machine that offers unmatched power, security, and control. These as stated above are utilised by Businesses with heavy traffic or multiple websites or Applications that require dedicated resources. A Fully Managed Dedicated server hosting is ideal for a company that is looking for the following features in a hosting service: Reliability: Ensures maximum performance & stability that is fully dedicated to your website, web app or platform. Security: Ensures a superior level of security that protects you against DDos Attacks & other small vulnerabilities so that you can focus on your business. Resources: Ensures that the resources of the entire machine are dedicated to you without sharing it with other customers. This increases speed and can link to better rankings. Hardware: The servers hardware are provisioned with Enterprise-grade SSD drives that are configured with RAID for the mirroring of your data. Customizable: A dedicated server is completely customizable as per your needs. Any combination of RAM, processor & storage can be provisioned on your Dedicated Server. Superior Support: With Dedicated Server, you get priority support from our team. We take care of the server be its Hardware, network, OS so that you can take care of your business.

Q3. How is the Dedicated Server different from other types of hosting? Is it better?

Yes, Dedicated Server Hosting is the boss of all other Hosting. Unlike Shared, Reseller or Cloud Hosting where you are allocated a small part of a Dedicated Server, in the case of Dedicated Hosting you get a full server at your disposal. So if your application is large & you are planning expansion, then Dedicated Server Hosting is the right choice for you.

Q4. What are the differences between a Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server?

A VPS also a virtual private server or Cloud VPS although has been allocated resources but it lives within a parent server and shares resources with other virtual servers. So while the virtual server does scale well, it is limited by the availability of resources on the host machine. A dedicated server is a stand-alone, physical server or Bare Metal Server where your resources are yours and yours alone. A Dedicated server outperforms any Cloud VPS. Apart from it, you get greater security, extra customization options, higher availability & uptime. These factors contribute to increased performance for high traffic sites.

Q5. Can I upgrade my VPS to a Dedicated Server?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your VPS to a Dedicated Server. In fact, our team will provide the best assistance to ensure that your transmission is smooth & seamless.

Q6. How to get started with a Dedicated Server?

Choose the best plan that fulfils your requirement or speak to our super friendly sales team, they will help you choose the best plan. You then need to share with us a few details to signup & create your account in our Client area. Once that is done & you have made the payment, your server will be provisioned & the credentials will be delivered to you in a few hours.

Q7. How long does it take to get my server set up?

We guarantee that all our standard server configurations will be set up within 6-48 business hours. Factors contributing to longer setup times may include server add-ons, custom configurations, and payment approval time.

Q8. Is there any setup fee?

No, you don’t have to pay anything additional apart from the Dedicated server price.

Q9. What Operating systems are available on Dedicated Server?

You can choose from CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows to be installed as an operating system on your Dedicated Server.

Q10. Can you configure the database as per my choice?

Whether you are looking for MongoDB or any other database, we can configure it on your Dedicated server.

Q11. In the case of Windows, which version of MS SQL is installed on the Dedicated Server?

By default, we provide MS SQL Express Edition with all our Windows Dedicated Server. But if you are looking for Web Edition or Standard Edition, these are available as paid add-ons and can be installed by us.

Q12. What control panel do you provide with Dedicated Servers?

In the case of Windows, the control panel you get is either Solidcp & Plesk. In the case of Linux, you can choose from WHM cPanel, Plesk or Webuzo as your preferred control panel.

Q13. How many websites can I host on a Dedicated Server?

There is no limit on the number of websites you can host on your server as long as your resources can handle them.

Q14. Where is my Dedicated Server located?

In India, we have Tier4 Datacenters at 2 Locations to host your Dedicated Server – NCR & Mumbai. Choose either of the Datacenter that fulfils your latency requirements.

Q15. How can I get my website transferred for free?

Yes we offer free Panel to Panel Migration of your Website on our Servers.

Q16. What level of access do I get with my Dedicated Server?

You get full root access to the server which means you have complete administrative control of your server.

Q17. Will I be able to manage my server through a Web-based control panel?

Every Managed Dedicated Server comes with a powerful control panel (Web Host Manager – WHM for Linux and SolidCP Panel for Windows). It gives you complete control over creating and customizing your account and allocating resources. On an individual account level, you will use your panel to manage e-mail, domains, and other aspects of your websites.

Q18. Can my server's hardware be upgraded? What are the fees for this?

You can upgrade your server to a larger plan at any time. You may also “add on” additional hardware, software, and features to your server at any time with additional payment.

Q19. What is your network uptime?

Our servers connect to the Internet through redundant high-speed connections on diverse backbones, ensuring data delivery to the end-user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. We guarantee a 99.99% Network uptime excluding scheduled maintenance and prior notified upgrades.

Q20. What Hardening and Security is Included?

A lot of security-related aspects are taken care of by our Security Administrators. Following are some of the aspects that we cover:

  • RDP Port and policy Security
  • Server Drive Security
  • Users-based Permission security
  • IP and Domain Restrictions
  • Mail Server Security
  • SIM (System Integrity Monitor) monitors critical services, load, network, etc.

Q21. How will the backups be maintained?

We’ll maintain the backups on the secondary drive of the server (If the second drive is ordered else the backup is maintained on the primary drive). However, we insist that you maintain the copy of the backups at your local end to ensure maximum security of your data.

Also, we highly recommend taking a remote Cloud Backup solution like Acronis from us so that apart from the local backups, you have a backup that is away from the server and the data can be recovered in case of emergencies

Q22. In case of any issues, how can I reach your support team?

It is very easy to reach out to our support team that is available 24 x 7 even on National Holidays. You can directly call them at +91-7272 8282 00 or simply drop an email from your registered Email ID on [email protected] Our team’s average response time on emails is less than 10 minutes.

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With my past experience I always avoided hosting my websites with Indian hosters. However after a brief meeting with WIPLON folks, I decided to take a chance with WIPLON and the experience has been top class since day 1. They have amazing set of sales and support professionals who know their job very well. They go above and beyond to make sure you get the best customer experience. I am gradually moving most of my websites and applications to WIPL.

Madan Rai

Very happy with their Technical Support. Your issues get addressed immediately. Highly recommend their service and offerings.
They always provide good and prompt support thanks to WIPL team for quick and fast support.

Grako Dubai

One of the best hosting service provider in India. I am using WIPL hosting for 3 years and have a great experience. And service team is very supportive. I m happy with WIPL.

Moosa Khan

Best hosting provider ! WIPL services are always excellent without exceptions. They have a very professional persons for support who take care of just everything.
i had very good experience talking with support on call, i really want to appreciate him. Great job guys!!

S Yadav

WIPL Services offers a comprehensive range of cloud services, which we can utilize at a cost-effective price as well as offering the flexibility and scalability to fast-track deployment of server and storage infrastructure for our clients. We are also able to set up test / Dev environments for testing applications quickly.

Prakash Kumar

They are true professional, deal with good qualities and services always. I am so much satisfied with their service connect past 2 years.

Sudhansu Shekhar

Excellent customer service! Great value great price, this is my second year with the company, we build websites and mobile apps, purchased a server with them, until the time being never did WIPL let me down. Will continue doing business with them.


Very Good experience with WIPL. Very Knowledgeable and courteous people on job. They support you out of the way and earn your confidence.
Very Happy to have them by my side.

N N Mathur

One of the Best IT companies that I have come across....great customer centric approach backed with amazing team in place ....keep up the good work guys....

Vijay Johar

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