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7 Critical Business Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Businesses

By November 17, 2021December 15th, 2021No Comments
Microsoft 365

Be it a Fortune 100 company or a startup; efficiency is something that every organization strives for. Being able to collaborate, create, and communicate smoothly and effortlessly makes any organization efficient and effective. And that’s where various productivity tools come into the picture. These tools are specifically designed to enable employees to perform their routine work more efficiently and straightforwardly, irrespective of their locations, thus making the workflow and organization agile. 

Amid the whole list of such productivity tools available, Microsoft 365 tops the charts. A productivity suite powered by tools like Exchange, Word, Excel, Teams, SharePoint, and many others, Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive, cloud-based experience that can be accessed from any device, anywhere on the globe as long as the user is online. The tools included in Microsoft 365 adjunct each other and work in the perfect tandem, making it a must-have for any enterprise. Other than these high-level benefits, Microsoft 365 has several other business advantages that are explained as follows.

Microsoft One Drive

Secure Cloud Storage

Protected by strong security measures, including two-factor authentication, Microsoft 365 is a highly secure environment. It ensures zero access to files for unauthorized users if they get their hands on already logged-in devices. With anti-malware and threat detection security measures in place, any security threat is identified and stopped there and then, making it a perfect solution for organizations dealing with sensitive data. 

Microsoft Teams

Enhanced Communication

Microsoft 365 extends its users highly collaborative tools like Outlook, Skype, and Yammer for centralized and seamless communication. With Skype for Business, conference calls and virtual meetings can be easily held, regardless of time or distance. Teams, another communication tool by Microsoft 365, offers instant message functionality and file sharing, making cross-department collaboration highly efficient. Yammer is the social networking platform from Microsoft 365. By posting any notice on the company’s news feed, the entire workforce receives an email notification, thus ensuring no messages are missed. 

One Drive

Ease of Access

By deploying Microsoft 365, an organization can store the data in the cloud, making it easily accessible for any device and any geographical location with the help of the Internet. With the remote working dynamo set in motion by the COVID-19 pandemic, easy access to all files and apps when the workforce isn’t present in the office premise is invaluable. 

Automatic Upgrades

With Microsoft 365 in place and the assistance of a service provider like WIPL, installing separate software for apps like Word, Outlook, and Excel is no more a necessity. All upgrades are automated, and there is no expense of new software purchase as regular updates are part of the Microsoft 365 license subscription. 


Predictable Expenses

Similar to a subscription, Microsoft 365 is purchased on a per user per month basis. The license cost is dependent on the functionalities and apps required by the organization. Different levels of organizations require different products and solutions, impacting the overall cost of the licenses. With WIPL, organizations can budget their IT spend on the basis of per user per month. All upgrades are part of licenses; thus, there are no sudden costs. 

M365 Cloud Backup

Business Continuity

When data and all other files are stored in the cloud and are backed up regularly, organizations can operate smoothly even in the event of a disaster at the office premise. Even in case of physical machine damage, files, emails, and data are present in the cloud and can be easily accessed. The recovery features of Exchange let users restore one email or entire inboxes if required. It doesn’t matter how big the crisis is; operations remain unaffected if Microsoft 365 is in place.

Microsoft Word

Centralized Collaboration

Microsoft 365 lets users share their contacts, mailboxes, calendars, and the ease of editing documents in real-time by using its other collaborative tools. Shared calendars through Exchange helps in scheduling meetings and calls when all stakeholders are available on the first go. The functionality of shared mailboxes lets multiple users access the same mailbox; thus, messages can be filtered and land in the inbox of the shared mailbox, making it hard to miss. SharePoint is yet another collaborative tool where documents can be saved, accessed, and edited by other team members and can be further shared as a link via an email. Another benefit of this feature is co-authoring, as multiple users can edit one document in real-time as well. 

In the modern workplace, productivity, efficiency, and connectivity aren’t just buzzwords but the backbone for a successful enterprise. Now, as the world is moving into a hybrid work environment, the need to bring everything together through technology is utmost. Powered by WIPL and its 24X7 customer support, you can ensure that you always have all advantages of Microsoft 365 working for you. With regular software updates, hardware warranties, training, and guidance, you won’t ever have to navigate these complex waters of implementing or utilizing Microsoft 365

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