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Aamsutra at WIPL

By June 18, 2013August 21st, 2017No Comments
mango party at WIPL

mango party at WIPL

Let us give you an insight to the Mango party at WIPL. We refer to this day as Aamsutra at WIPL. Here we go.

Talk about summers and what comes to your mind first? Mangoes? Isn’t it? Yes! We all await the whole year to eat our favorite fruit. Don’t we? As we enter the glistening summers, and get to take the long awaited very first bite into a mango, we are bound to declare, “It’s worth the wait”. Being the king of fruits, Mango is certainly not an ‘aam’ fruit, it’s richness lies in the sumptuous taste.

Recently,  India’s leading Web Hosting Company WIPL, organized a Mango Party. We discovered some crazy mango lovers among us, courtesy the ‘Mango Party’ we had on 17th June.  Here’s how we began:

Monday, 17th, The day was bright and sunny, perfect to relish a few mangoes. What added to the hues of the day was our team, dressed in the shades of Yellow. As we entered the office with a big smile, we received some yellow sheets, puzzled we all wondered if it was a surprise activity. And yes, we were right. The sheets were provided to make some wearable Mango accessories.

We got on to make some creative stuff. Earrings, Bracelets, Crowns, finger rings, Ties and what not did the team make, that too in the shape of Mangoes.

At 4pm, as we gathered for the Mango eating competition, we all looked like Mangoes ourselves. It was endearing to see the effort put by each team member to dress up for the competition.

Finally, the Mango eating competition began. We had Ramp walk while holding/ eating the Mangoes. People used all ways to show that they were better looking than the fruit itself, which was super hilarious. Must say that ‘Mangoes’ could not have looked more stunning.

Throughout the event, we chit chatted, hooted, cracked jokes and shared our Mango stories. More than anything else, we enjoyed our delectable mangoes. Dirtying our hands and clothes too after ages, we all were reminded of the golden childhood days. This day too has become a memorable one for us.

How can we forget our Mango crazy people who landed up eating more than 3 whole mangoes at a go. The winner of the competition ate 5 of them. The prize given to the winner could have further staved his hunger for mangoes – the prize was 3 more kgs of mangoes…

To give the day a great finale, we all clicked pictures with a yellow auto that was parked at the premise and then took a small ride in it too. It was all too much fun for the Mango people. Had a fantastic mango day.

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