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Employee Engagement – Engage For Success

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Employee Engagement – Engage For Success

Yeah !! you read it right….”Employee Engagement”..This term itself defines its sense. But these two words carry a broad meaning.

Now, the question arises, What is Employee Engagement?

Each and every person has different perception about this term and few are still assuming what actually it is? So, here is the answer.

Before we jump on definition, we need to understand what does these two terms mean.

“Employee” a person who is working in an organisation to achieve organisational goals as well as his personal and gives his best to attain the same.

“Engagement” It describes the level of commitment, enthusiasm and interest of an employee towards their employment and organisation.

So, when we collaborate these two terms. We understand “ It is a method or an approach that takes place at different levels of an organisation which influences employees to tap their potential so that they could invest their best while performing their work.”

It is all about understanding one’s role in an organisation, and being sighted and energized on where it fits in the organisation’s purpose and objectives. It is based on trust, integrity, two way communication, commitment between an organisation and its members.

Engagement could be on different levels:-

1. Engagement with the Organisation

This measures how engaged the employees are with the organisation as a whole. How hard an engaged employee thinks about their work while taking care organisation targets and goals in mind.

2. Engagement with Manager

This specifically measures how employees feel about their direct supervisors. It measures a sense of working relationship between employee and manager in terms of work and respect.

Now, like every reader, again our mind clicks “Why” this approach should be practiced and what will be the outcomes.

Does it really make a difference?

Few researches have proved that, it plays a vital role in the life cycle of an employee and the organisation.If an employee is engaged with the company, their job satisfaction level increases. Employees, that are engaged and satisfied, are very invested in the success of the organisation and have a high level of commitment and loyalty.

Employee engagement nurtures an environment in the organisation at different levels and develops enthusiasm at individual level.It helps in building strong relationships between superiors and subordinates.

If we talk about Innovation and Productivity, both are directly related with engaged employee, when employees are highly engaged they bring passion and interest to their job and ultimately become more efficient and innovative in terms of their work and objectives.
So, with this we can conclude that, companies with more engaged employees have higher productivity rates and it leads to overall growth of an organisation.

So, before looking for your personal goals, an organisation needs to look for their employees and employees should work on organisational goals and core values so that they could meet organisation objectives as well as their personal.

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