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Good Better Best

By May 6, 2013August 21st, 2017No Comments
Good Better Best

Good Better Best

Good Better Best,  Never let it Rest, until your Good becomes Better and Better become Best, these are famous lines quoted by a famous Basketball player.

Good deeds and good work make one feel elated and content. So what if we are a corporate venture, the ‘by default’ purpose of which is to make profits? We too believe in doing something good, especially for the environment.

What concerns all of us today is the environment that is denigrating with each passing day and the credit for the same goes to the people who are exploiting it. WIPL has always contributed to any initiative taken for the benefit of the environment. On 22nd April, the day that is celebrated as International Earth Day, team WIPL unanimously decided to conserve electricity for the sake of the Earth by keeping the Air Conditioners switched off from 9am to 11am everyday at work. And this we are following very diligently.

In April, WIPL also launched its 10 new VPS plans. The basis of these plans was effective and affordable pricing. The plans are prepared to meet the requirements of all sorts of clientele. Since April on wards WIPL has also started providing Hyper V based VPS hosting on Indian Datacenter that supports Windows 2008 and 2012, and provides Dynamic RAM option.  You may always contact our sales team to know about them.

This was our good work for the month. With time, we are sure to get better and the better will lead us to the best. What say? Do we deserve a pat on our back?

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