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How to use G Suite for your Healthcare Business

By July 8, 2016October 15th, 2018No Comments
Google Apps for your Healthcare Business

The information and discussion that is needed by healthcare providers are different when it is compared to another industry.

The information they contain is valuable like the patient medical history which has to be accurate, complete and readily available. So to have proper collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients, real-time communication is vital.

I think the single solution to this issue is to use cloud-based productivity solutions from Google; then healthcare providers can easily collaborate and focus on the important work.

G Suite and Google Drive for Work helps to do real-time communication between healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, and patients.

Many healthcare organizations use Cloud-based productivity solutions from Google.

To enhance internal and external communication, collaboration, manage costs, and guarantee compliance with HIPAA act. (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability).

G Suite for Work will enable HealthCare Industry to:

  1. Enhance clinical operations.
  2. Enforce secure information access and compliance with corporate-managed devices and HIPAA-compliant file repositories
  3. Boost up the patient experience.
  4. Improve mobile healthcare delivery.
  5. Quickly recruit, interview, and onboard healthcare professionals
  6. Manage healthcare operation processes online
  7. Train Professionals remotely without expensive costs.

Let’s dig deeper into how your company can benefit from working with one of the world’s largest and most trusted technology companies: Google.

#1. Collaborating, Training, and Centralizing

 Google offers user-friendly cloud technology services which can be quickly followed by the healthcare professionals.  They Recognize the value of the included video chat as a new way for patients and doctors to communicate, too.

Patients and Doctors can easily join with each other face to face over Hangouts despite the geographical restrictions.

Doctors can share the reports over any device. You can also store the database of training material on Drive, which can be used in future to train the members over virtual training classrooms.

G Suite help you to create a one-stop destination for all relevant information. Any employee or selected group can access information from anywhere, anytime.

Check out the Collaboration tips in detail here.

#2. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Compliance

It’s no wonder that healthcare organizations require confirming how cloud providers like Google can access and share data. For those agencies that must meet the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), it’s easy to achieve compliance.

Under HIPAA act, some personal patient information concerning health and services is classified as PHI(Protected Health Information).

If in case your healthcare organization is directed by HIPAA act and you plan to use G Suite for Work with PHI, you’ll be required to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Google. Visit the G Suite Help Center for information on how to achieve HIPAA compliance.

#3. Recruit, interview, and onboard healthcare experts

Healthcare organizations are constantly looking to attract new employees, so shortening the recruiting and onboarding process improves the bottom line.

The interested candidates submit their data via Google Forms; you can administer interviews with your prime options from anywhere in the world with Google Hangouts. Then, streamline the on-boarding process with a Sites website with new employee checklists and on boarding tasks.

#4. Share and Produce quality creative assets with your Healthcare agency with Google Drive

Working on creative assets with your Organization?

Want to make sure everybody has the latest videos, PDFs, designs and more? Save work files and folders in Google Drive and share them spontaneously with your Organization.

When someone includes approvals and feedback, Drive shows you changes in files, and everyone can stay on the same page across the globe and see the changes. Check Interactive Drive demo.

#5. Enhance clinical services with a paperless, collaborative Drive platform

 Doctors and nursing staff can save and share digital copies of  CT scans, x-rays, video and voice messages, and other diagnostic tests results in Google Drive.

They can update Shared Drive files in real time and can be seen from anywhere (Chromebooks, iPads, Android devices, and more..) in a secured environment, minimizing the constraints posed by many EHR/EMR applications.

Note: I recommend you to see How G Suite is more secure than traditional email.


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