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WIPL’s Annual Retreat 2018 : From Dawn to Dusk

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26th January,2018 : This day is special for every Indian as it’s celebrated to mark the day when the Indian Constitution came to force. For every WIPLIAN this day becomes more special as it’s celebrated in grandeur with the joy of going out on our Annual Retreat.

It’s a day we all eagerly wait, This year as well the day started a little early as compared to the regular days at WIPL. Seeing all the team members in high spirit in the morning was a visual treat to the eyes. While there were a lot of guesses over breakfast as to the adventure and fun that awaited for us later in the day we did not know the activities planned would not only be fun but would come in with a lot of team spirit and team building. The bus ride was enjoyable as we sang and danced to our tunes . And after an hour of travelling we reached our destination TAO EXPERIENCES, where we were given a warm welcome.

Amidst our team outing we could not forget the importance the day holds in the Indian History, the flag hoisting was held before the day long adventure began. To add a little more fun element 2 teams were formed : WIPL Warriors and Bhagat Singh Warriors where the team members would be scored individually and as a team basis the activity. The activities that we covered during the entire day were:

Zip Lining:

zip lining

As many were excited to slide their way on the rope, a few were scared , the activity ended with a beautiful experience of overcoming our fears with a bag full of support and quirky tactics by team members to perform the activity without fear.

Reverse Bungee Jumping:

Reverse Bungee Jumping

A catapult for humans that taught us going low in life does not end things but only makes us achieve great heights, sometimes turning our life upside down as we jumped to a height of 60 feet.

Body Zorbing:

Body Zorbing

Every individual is blessed with chances that help them improve themselves at every stage. This 3 stage activity instilled in every team member how every chance provides us with an opportunity to become better in life.



A team outing without cricket is like a task half done. A game that every Indian loves to play for fun teaches us the most finer aspects of team building YOU CANNOT PLAY OR WIN ALONE.

Elastic Bungee:

Elastic Bungee

If we ever had to explain a life situation in a game that holds us back to move ahead in our life due to lack of right amount of efforts no activity better than Elastic Bungee could explain it; that ties you to a harness and pulls you back to move towards your goal only to let yourself to push your own boundaries and put in the little effort that we generally miss after a number of attempts.

Low Rope Course:

Low Rope Course

Cause life is never a road full of roses, and there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome. This activity puts you into varied situations which requires us to be calm, think and then initiate an action to overcome the obstacles.

Tyre Race & Tube Race:

Tyre Race & Tube Race

A team cannot achieve a goal if it is does not communicate and work in sync and coordination and be aligned in its path, these two little activities that ended our day long adventure taught us the importance of communication and coordination.

Every activity whether big or small attempted came with a lot of learning and knowing our team members more besides overcoming our fears of height. The activities enhanced on the learnings of how we can help grow each other, the essentials of communication and to work in sync and coordination to grow and succeed as a team. Towards the end of the day over tea and snacks the results were announced where in it turned out to be a draw between both the teams. The day finally ended with capturing the memories and leaving TAO Experiences with a bag full of memories and learning.

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