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7 Tricks you can’t miss if you want to be more productive at work.

By June 9, 2016August 26th, 2017No Comments

Do you ever get the feeling that even though you are giving your 100% but still somehow, something or the other is not falling into place?

Don’t worry, happens with everybody.

We will give you 7 efficient tricks to improve your productivity. 

1. Chart out your work with timelines

Start tracking & limiting your time for all the work you do. Take help from tools, maintain a tab on your own timelines & set self imposed deadlines to ensure timely delivery of your work with best results.

Having these timelines also helps to track your efficiency. This not only will give you a sense of accomplishment as you tick off completed tasks throughout the day, but it can also help to assess patterns in productivity. Tracking your efficiency may reveal what times of day you are naturally most productive.

2. Strategize and prioritize

As the words highly suggest, from your daily chores in personal life to professional life, start prioritising & strategizing about your tasks.Doing this a day before or at the start of the day is usually the best time to strategize & then prioritize them into time based activities.

To keep a truly effective schedule though, limit yourself to one comprehensive planner. Organize each day by creating a “to do” list. Begin with the highest priorities of the day so that they are most likely to get done. Put less important tasks at the end the list. Start at the top of the list at the beginning of your work day. If you do not complete the list by the end of the day, tackle the uncompleted items the next day.

3. Delegate work and responsibilities

Don’t try to move all the mountains yourself, you may end up putting a lot of your productive hours into something unnecessary for the moment.

Rather learn to delegate the work & responsibilities to the right set of shoulders who would not only perform well but also speed up the process.

Two primary factors when collaborating with coworkers are communication and trust. Be a team player and know when to call for reinforcements. Make sure you have properly informed coworkers of relevant deadlines in addition to making sure they have all the tools and deliverable necessary to complete work.

4. Reduce Multitasking

We all tell our managers that we are good at multitasking at the time of our interviews.

Buy the truth is our productivity reduces at a lot of times because of multitasking. Studies show that people when try to do two or more activities at once, become distracted and quality of work and their productivity suffers. Instead, make a habit of committing to a single task before moving on to your next project.

5. Fight mental fatigue, take exercise breaks

Spending 8-10 hours at a desk, without moving much around? You’ll notice a drastic drop in energy levels.

Scientists in a study say that people who were sitting most of the day, 54% of those people are at the risk of a heart attack.

Well don’t go there, you situation is still under control. Start taking 2min/5min breaks to stretch and do some exercise to fight your mental fatigue and physical burnout. This will invariably make you feel better and become more productive.

6. Be proactive and not reactiveOne simple way to be productive and keep your teams productive is to become productive through better collaboration. Waiting for things to happen and then reacting on the same is not a great way to become efficient.

Rather , plan things and think ahead, your delivery & productivity would dramatically improve and this is where we come in place.

WIPLON provides you best cloud & hosting services, with a myriad of products and managed solutions we definitely help you and organizations to improve their productivity.

7. An organised and clutter free workspace

A disorganized work area with unnecessary items, hampers concentration and reduces your productivity. If you’re constantly struggling to find specific tools or documents in a mountain of clutter, serious work time is being wasted. Only keep items that you use daily , everything else should be swished away where it’s out of the way but also quickly retrievable.

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