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Got A Great Domain Name? Here are six things you must know to Protect it From Scammers

By May 28, 2016August 26th, 2017No Comments

Congratulations on booking such an awesome domain, here’s what you must know to protect it from Scammers.

We Indians as soon as we get something new put a “Kaala Teeka” or “Nimbu Mirch” (If you are not an Indian , and are worrying what this is, it is a superstitious thing which we do to safeguard from the evil) for an eternal and psychological security. From a newborn baby to our businesses, we do it for all.

So did you do it for your awesome domain as well?

Is your answer .. NO?? …………. Why?`

This domain is or would be your digital presence, your business’ online identity and it is very essential to secure it. A lot of you may not be able to understand at this point about what we are trying to convey, but you will understand better and know more after reading this article.

Try this, type in your search bar, and you’ll see automatically comes up. Getting a hint now?

It is extremely easy for hackers and scammers to redirect your website or make it go all blank. And, this is not it, if the redirecting happens on a malicious web server, they can not only capture all the user Ids and passwords , but also start using them under your own nose, without even you having any idea about it. Phishing attacks and Domain name hijacking are becoming common by the day, leading to losses for a lot of companies who didn’t secure their domains in time.

Scammers can go to any extent and meddle with your management & technical portals. With which they can update name servers, even change DNS settings resulting in Downtime or more malicious malware transfer to your unsuspecting visitors.

Now that you know protecting your domain is much needed and essential, here are Simple Ways To Protect Your Domain :

1. Ensure Name and Administrative Email Id are correct:

Some of us sometimes miss out on the smaller things, like by not registering the Correct person’s name and administrative email Id, we are unknowingly giving way to possibilities of theft, losses and confusions.

Role of correct person’s name being registered, especially comes in handy, when you want to sell your business or domain. And , administrative email Id has the authority to approve transfer of the domain to another registrar.

So, it is crucial to check and keep these details updated all all times.

2. LOG IN on regular basis

 The idea doing this is to be more vigilant and check regularly , if all the domain name contacts are correct.

Domain monitoring is a tool , that helps in keeping a track of your domain name . Any change in settings, would be automatically communicated to you through email alerts.

3. LOCK your domain name

To prevent any theft or hijacking, lock your domain extension. It is always good to lock it and increase its safety from those nasty hands of Scammers.

4. Don’t forget to RENEW your domain name registration

After an reflect on your business, refresh your strategies and RENEW your domain most importantly.
It is crucial to renew our domains every year, else you may lose it within a blink of an eye. And then you may not only lose all your contacts , you may also suffer legal troubles , if it is taken up by someone else and misused.
We suggest go for auto renewals or buy it for 4-5 years straight.

5. Become a FIREWALL

What we mean to say is become more alert and cautious. DO NOT give your login Id , password and other important details to anyone. You never know, how and when it could be misused.
Rather use your account administration feature to grant access levels to people who manage this work for you.

6. Choose your REGISTRAR wisely!!!

Please, if you value your business and your online identity then choose your Registrar wisely.
Never let prices or lucrative deals woo you into for anything less than perfect.
If you run your operations 24*7, wouldn’t you want someone to be there to support you as well 24*7*365. A reliable Registrar will share all access to Control Panels with you, and will empower you, to strengthen your identity.
Go for reliable and trusted service providers like WIPLON, that’s us folks , who take pride in not only being the best service providers in the country but also on being absolutely forthcoming and proactive on safety, security and trust for our customers. We have a long standing experience of 15+ years and our core principle is to build trust and provide best solutions to our customers.

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