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Coz, you are the most beautiful creation of God, Woman!

By March 14, 2017August 29th, 2017No Comments
women's day

As I reached office on 8th March, I saw 2 girls standing outside the office, when I tried to understand why they were outside, they told that the office had been locked, by the Men’s team inside the office.

Listening to this I had a smile on my face.

All women at WIPL look forward to this day the most!! Each one of us is happy, excited and eager to rush to our desks and dig for the surprises waiting for us.

And, this time as well we were welcomed in style, with a HUGE POP from the Party Popper and Confetti sprayed over us , the complete “Men’s” team was clapping for us , as we entered.


women's day


The complete office was decorated with balloons and inspiring Women empowerment quotes like “Coz, you are the most beautiful creation of God, Woman!” “To the Durga in you” “Rise , Shine, Grow”. On our desks, were kept number of goodies and a beautiful handmade greeting, which had messages specially written by the CEO , Mr. Ravish Gupta himself and signed by the Men’s team for us. These messages were apt and inspiring for each one of us, celebrating the goodness in us and motivating us to push beyond our limitations.


women's day


And this was just the start, there were further many treats planned for us.

Next delight in line was an all girls outing to an all exclusive Women’s day event “Womaniya” at Jawahar Kala Kendra!!!!

With everything managed and sponsored by WIPL, the bunch of “happy” us went and enjoyed to the brim. This exhibition was a treat to eyes, with the vivid colors of Rajasthani traditional dances, puppet shows, clothes, jewellery and food , to the modern and conventional stalls for Women Health, Talk shows on Women’s well being were there.


women's day


This was a great opportunity for all of us to bond as team and as women and enjoy carefree. Each one of us laughed, shopped and devoured on the food to the fullest and had a wonderful time!!

And, this was not it..

As we returned to office there were more surprises waiting for us, an extremely gorgeous photo frame & a beautifully hand crafted pen stand, for each one of us.


women's day


By the end of the day, we had a bag full of goodies, cards, gifts and most importantly a lot of respect, love and good wishes to empower us and an inspiration to find the “strength” in us. This Women’s day brought in a new zeal and motivation to us in so many ways.

This day is a reminder for all, to cherish the beautiful and strong women around us.

Thank you WIPL for making our day so Special!!


women's day


From the Empowered Women Champions at WIPL.

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