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Introducing WIPLO, Artificial Intelligence on Cloud

By April 1, 2016August 26th, 2017No Comments
Do we know you?
He does !!We introduce you to the Genie of Today, Super Smart & Friendly “WIPLO” our Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Cloud solutions & services. A sheer breakthrough after years and years of research we have our own AI systems,which is going to take over the world. With ace retired scientists from NASA , heading a team of super skilled engineers, designers and researchers for 8 years now, a $50 million investment from worldwide funds, we launch this project globally at 8 pm today.This technology is going to be a life and game changer for people of today. It is going to seep in each of our lives and become an essential part of it.

We have had a great & continuous support in terms of funds and investments have been flowing, since the first testing phase on 2013. Google’s ex workforce has showed interest and is keen on becoming partners soon. We’d like to thank all our benefactors for the same.

How does WIPLO work?

Integrated with our world class solutions, our AI systems work through mobiles/laptops/tablets. After downloading the feature from our website, run it on your respective appliances.


Our simple command programs enable you to access WIPLO through voice commands.
“Hello WIPLO” is a standard command to use our AI systems.

What does it do?

By now each one of you would be wondering what does it really do!!



WIPLO systems provide solutions on CLOUD in 60 seconds. It recognises voice commands only. Voice commands of 2 humans can be integrated at a time, as primary and secondary user, with the master control with Primary user.

How does it do?

WIPLO systems take the command throw the 1st results in 15 seconds.

Basis the voice, it’s pitch, tone and modulation, WIPLO would dive into all search engines and existing servers with WIPL , and identify,resolve and update you about the same in 60 seconds.

Other Solutions and Advantages.

WIPLO currently serves Marketing & Mobile Application solutions.

So, if you have a website and want 50000 visitors tomorrow, then WIPLO is the answer to the problem. It will dwell into the Google’s search algorithm which are best fitted for your organisation, optimise and convert them, it would further make automatic changes in the on page SEO of your website and run a complex algorithm to ensure that your website is up on top ranking for the desired keywords in less than 6 hours. Result, you get 50,000 visitors on your website in less than 6 hours. No other technology in the world can do that for you

You want to change the website design?. Just say WIPLO change my website design, basis on the tone, pitch WIPLO will sense your mood and in the background connects with the it’s Engine to start building concepts for you. WIPLO probes on all social media platform into your profiles, can match patterns of thoughts, choices and organisation keywords all algorithms would be done in microseconds and results can be seen in just 30 minutes Without the help of any designer your website would be changed that too within next 30 minutes and without any human intervention .

You want to develop an APP for your business? Just say HELLO WIPLO! make an app for my business. WIPLO’s AI would immediately identify your voice, match it with the list of your business that is available in the database, run a complex algorithm to produce results with an app that can be best suited for your business. All done in real time and without the need of any developers. WIPLO does it all !!

This is just the first phase of WIPLO’s implementation, WIPLO is so advanced that it would be used in the field of Driverless Automobile industry, Aeronautics, Space, Defence & Medicine



The revolutionary technology and its benefits are going to take over the world tonight at 8 pm. Stay tuned & catch us live on CNN IBN, NDTV and BBC world

[Note: This article was posted for April Fool’s Day – 2016 .. :)]

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