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Presenting The 2020 Rewind

By February 3, 2021No Comments

Ohhh…………What an year!

For individuals and families across the world, 2020 was a particularly testing year.

As companies across the globe looked for ways to adapt to a remote workforce, WIPL rose to the challenge and accompanied our customers every step of the way. We listened to our customers, took notes, built new features on our support and improved old ones. Our teams worked round the clock to ensure that our customers get seamless support and efficacy in their Hosting & Mailing Infrastructure.

Parallely the management & HR team ensured Job Security for all WIPLians. Training & Ops teams also ensured that all support was provided to all our employees, to maintain a healthy lifestyle at WFH and while at office, which helped them to remain resilient through the pandemic.

Let’s just revisit in a glimpse what all WIPL did in 2020, and we are quite sure a lot of it will intrigue and make you smile too 🙂


Annual Retreat

The most awaited time of the year, when we WIPLians did conquer our fears by attempting some adventurous activities, after all Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai.

Valentine’s Day

Love engulfed the entire WIPL Team as we celebrated the week of Love: The Valentine’s Week. Hand made cards, letters, and some tasty meals made our loved ones sing I’m Loving It.

Women’s Day

While WIPL does not need an internationally recognized day to celebrate a day specially dedicated to Women as the superheroes at WIPL feel Because we’re worth it, the day is celebrated with grandeur.

Cooking Contest

Throughout our life, our Mother’s ensure to give us Good Food Good Life, but this year on Mother’s Day we ensured our WIPLians made their mom’s feel special through some uniquely cooked dishes.

We Turned 20

With the main focus on achieving highest customer satisfaction through meeting SLAs and delivering dedicated support, indefinite hours of hard work, and the dream to become India’s Leading Cloud Technology Company has made things possible for us by our 20th year and this is The Power of dreams.

Wellness Session

With working from home becoming the new normal and with an attempt of trying to make the teams adjust to this we began with an initiative of Connecting people mainly experts with our team who helped us adapt to this change more comfortably.

Happy Hours

With the team members working from home we thought of ways through which the team could spend more time with their families. This was achieved through our Happy Hours Session where each WIPLian bonded with their family members over various fun activities that were simply… so good.


With the team displaying our core values consistently we could not resist from adding another element of recognition apart from our monthly and bi-monthly awards. Team members who could think differently and perform out of the box were given badges based on their tasks performed.


Whenever we WIPLians identify that there is a scope of improvement we Just Do It. With the dynamics of the corporate world-changing in 2020, Training became an even more integral part. T&D Team not only periodically identified the training requisites in par with the industry requirements but ensured to make them more fun and engaging.

Fitness Sessions

Weekly – virtual Breathing and Yoga sessions for all team members, gave the WIPLians more mental & physical flexibility and helped build immunity & strength.

Men’s Day

A man plays an integral role in everyone’s life, a friend, a father, a son, a brother or a husband. He handles all the roles perfectly and like every year, this year as well we thought of the best a man can get at WIPL. The day was dedicated especially to the men at WIPL where they were treated with delicious food, some fun activities and memories to take back home.

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