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SQL Injections – how they happen and how to prevent them.

By January 14, 2013August 21st, 2017No Comments
Sql Injection - WIPLON

Sql Injection - WIPLON

It would not be wrong to call DATABASES the lifeline of any website as that is where all the information of a website is stored. Ever wondered about the kind of loss that can take place if the information from the database is lost or if any unauthorized additional entry is made in the database field? This unauthorized additional entry is referred to as SQL injection. SQL Injection is one of the many web attack mechanisms used by hackers to steal data from organizations. It is perhaps one of the most common application layer attack techniques used today.

  • SQL injection can take place on your website by various ways:
  • Through Intranet
  • Schema field mapping
  • Finding the table name in source code
  • Finding some users name in source code
  • Brute-force password guessing
  • The database isn’t in read only mode – Permission issue on database
  • When adding a new member through your website
  • When using ‘Mail me/Forgot password’ options on website

Now that we know how lethal can SQL injection be, however, It is our responsibility as a web hosting service provider to provide an effective solution for the problem. Our Super Hero Support Team at WIPL, provides solution by which they can stop SQL injection on websites up-to 99%. Their application restricts the types of HTTP requests that IIS will process. By blocking specific HTTP requests, their security tool helps to prevent potentially harmful requests from reaching applications on the server which filters HTTP query string values and other HTTP headers to mitigate SQL injection attacks while the root cause is being fixed in the application.

What are you waiting for? Contact our Sales team immediately to know more about our SQL injection solution Plans.

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