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The 2 Facets

By April 15, 2013August 21st, 2017No Comments
Two Facets

Two Facets

Here we are talking about the 2 facets of everything that exists in the world including corporate organizations.  Ever thought about the stark contrasts of Black and White, Dawn and Dusk, Sweet and Sour, being a little serious and a little light hearted? All of them are different and contrary to each other yet important in their own ways. Don’t you feel that the combination of these contrasts always give a beautifully balanced outcome?

What if these combinations were applied to Organizational Behavior? We think it will do only good. It is a tested fact at WIPL too. We believe that we are an Organization i.e. a little sour yet a little sweet (Well! not literally), Serious yet Funny, Technical yet Creative. We are happy in our imperfectly perfect self.

Recently, displaying our serious and sincere side, WIPL decided to support the noble cause of the Earth hour. We circulated the message all across our Social Media sites to inform the masses and even within the Organization to inform our employees about it. We are glad that we could contribute to this cause by switching off the lights at our office for an hour from 8:30pm – 9:30pm and our night shift people happily worked in the light of candles. Many other contributed by keeping the lights off at their home.

Not long after that, we inclined ourselves to being a little witty and we celebrated the April Fool’s day by throwing a prank about gifting 5000 domain and web hosting accounts. We related the announcements of gifts with WIPL winning an award in Germany. The prank was taken a little too seriously as congratulatory messages started pouring in as soon as we released the post, solving our purpose for the day.

We just loved celebrating these days. A little this and a little that, protects our organization from boredom, stagnation and monotony. We would like to believe that we are a happily hardworking organization because sincerity and fun go hand in hand for us, hence, the 2 facets.

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