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WIPL HR Initiatives Newsletter – Second Edition: April – June 2020

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The amazing engagement activities, trainings, building up a #PeopleFirstCulture – through Employee Connect Sessions and Rewarding our Anmol Ratans made the Q1, High on Josh for Team WIPL. And, from buying trendy masks, constant sanitizing the doorknobs & simultaneously working from home, we started our journey with the New Normal.

Helloooo Everyone!!

Welcome back to the second edition of the HR Initiatives Newsletter curated by the partially Quarantined team members of WIPL.

So read ahead to see what helped us survive the second quarter.

We also celebrated WIPL’s 20th Birthday this June!!

WIPL Turns 20

The month of June holds a special place in the heart of every WIPLian, as WIPL’s birthday falls in this month. And this year it was even more special as we turned 20! One of the pending celebrations also includes our 20th Birthday Celebration. However, we did not let the pandemic restrict us from celebrating this day. With having new members on board we collaborated the glimpses of our previous years celebrations and walked down the memory lane. In another segment a birthday video compiled with the team members sharing their memories and what they love the most about WIPL did reflect the love every team member has. All the videos were played on a Google Meet video.

But Party Abhi Baaki hai mere Dost!! (GO Corona GO)
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WIPL During Lock Down

As we entered the second quarter the news of the lockdown extension hit us, the uncertainties seeped in. But, we were highly motivated when our CEO addressed the entire team and instilled us with strength and positivity by his kind words and support and affirmation towards that WIPL always has our back.

Kudos to some excellent leadership and management at WIPL!

Also, while businesses were facing a lot of difficulties in operating, here we had our teams displaying outstanding performances and sweeping away appreciation day after day.

By the way, did we mention that the Google India Head had also appreciated the Sales team for fighting against all the odds & delivering their best to the customers.

Kudos and Appreciation!!.. Again.. Just WIPL Things!! 🙂 🙂


Our hunt for some amazing talent continued in the Q2, as we tried to seize the chance, by providing some exciting opportunities thereby, creating a pipeline of talent. If you are looking for a job opportunity, then feel free to reach out to us on :

Employee Engagement

So this is the most favorite and loved aspect at WIPL. Being Socially Distant did not stop us from engaging our employees. Games like Housie and Musical Tambola definitely kept our team energized while working from home. The activities had participation from not just all WIPLians but also their families. The more the merrier as they say :D.
Apart from the fun games, we ensured our team stays fit and healthy through weekly breathing exercises.

Learning & Development

In the 2nd quarter, the trainings were an integral part- to shape and improve skills and functioning at WFH for WIPL . We had a wide range of trainings conducted for various teams –  call quality monitoring and feedback, selling skills, mock sessions for trainees, grammar enhancement sessions, understanding the types of customer, communication skills – verbal & listening, process training and an open forum discussion + a video share session on our core values, found its place on our training calendars.

Birthdays and Milestones

One thing we WIPLians love apart from our work is Celebration and Surprises. The number of celebrations pending due to the pandemic is sky high, but Surprises… NO!! We still have our share of tricks and SURPRISES for the teams.
The second Quarter saw the birthdays and Work Anniversaries of our highly valued team members. Through birthday posters, home delivery of goodies and a small surprise  for team members who resumed work from office, we ensured to celebrate the milestones of the team members and brighten up their day.


As we moved towards the unlock stage the operations team had started working towards the sanitization and maintenance to ensure the highest level of hygiene standards were followed to create a safe working environment for the team as and when they joined. We were now ready to go back to our work stations that we had missed for months now.

Cooking Contest

The lockdown has pushed us WIPLians to explore our hidden talents, and Cooking seemed to be topping the list. Witnessing the Master Chefs come out of the box, we had decided  ‘The Unique Recipe/Cooking‘ contest. The contest was run on Mother’s Day that also gave the team members a chance to treat their Moms with a special dish. The most commendable aspect was when we saw team members living in a PG participate in the contest too.

While we saw the home cooks come up with some amazing recipes like Oreo Pudding, Dal Dhokli, and Samosa in some unique ways like a Fish, Purse, Ring and Pineapple Samosa, Ms. Preeti Bhat swept away with the prize by coming up with not 1 not 2 but 3 amazing dishes.
Here is the link, if you would like to treat yourself with the


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