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Ingredients for making a Successful Team

By February 25, 2013August 21st, 2017No Comments
Ingredients for making a Successful Team - WIPLON

Ingredients for making a Successful Team - WIPLON

To kick-start the New Year, it is important to hit the very first month with a bang and to achieve some astounding victories. The key to such victories also lie in the attitude of the leader. It becomes all the more important for a leader to take everyone along towards that vision of doing great work.

It is only by sharing such spirit with the team that an organization can truly be successful.

January being the first month of the New Year had to be a month of achievements, be it big or small, but very important to fuel the organizational growth in the coming months as well.

For us, January was a great month in terms of improvement. At the organizational level, we are now trying to inculcate leadership qualities, attitude of team spirit and team bonding in our valuable team members through regular training’s that we initiated in the previous month.

Our visit to Desert Trail was the perfect place for us to observe the success of these training’s. We were pleased to see a noticeable change in all team members as they displayed tremendous energy with each task given to them. They all bore a winning attitude clearly displaying qualities of leadership, team spirit and great sense of responsibility.

For all our activities at Desert Trail we made those people as Team Leaders who are usually reserved and shy because we know that adversity is the teacher of all. Living true to the statement, surprisingly, the very same people amazed us with their great qualities. At that moment, they displayed their inherent potential, probably because they got the right opportunity to do so.

We also had people who do not enjoy any adventure or who are never too interested in doing crazy stuff, such people only for their own team’s sake, agreed to cross the artificial river, play cricket, play the balancing game and what not!  Probably it’s true that one feels empowered when people supporting you are strong.

Today, we feel happy at the way we are moving forward, slowly yet steadily. We are also happy that we are creating a niche as a Web Hosting company in India and the world over.

We are sure that small changes at an organizational level, within each individual, will reflect changes without and will lead us to bigger victories.

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