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13 Hacks to be more productive with G Suite

By July 5, 2016October 15th, 2018No Comments
productivity hacks with google apps

You might be using G Suite right now, and you may not realize it! Don’t agree, how about that recent notification about new emails that flashed just before you opened this post. See!

G Suite provide most of the stuff for free and offer comprehensive solutions like online team management, document sharing and editing and email management. Companies and individuals use G Suite to streamline their online operations and make them more efficient. Offerings like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Calendars and Gmail make it a lot easier to manage your online ventures

Here are 15 hacks to make G Suite more productive for you

#1 Bulk Personal Emails

Personal emails have the best chance of conversions. You can integrate G Suite with third party apps like, Sendgrid or Streak and manage your Gmail better.

With such tools, you can send personalized emails in bulk, and the receivers will get an idea about the bulk nature of delivery.

#2 Promote your message with Twitter DM integrations

Imagine that! You can send direct Twitter messages and promote your services and offering. You can do this through scripts or use third party apps like Socedo to exploit this hack!

#3 Remove sharing permissions automatically after end of contract

Sharing across Google Drive and sheets helps in a huge way when it comes to collaborating with clients and colleagues.

However, it is irritating to remove sharing privileges manually after the contract ends. Using Google Scripts or third party apps, you can add automatic revocation of permissions when each contract ends.

#4 Know who opens and reads your emails

It is one feature that is quite effective in improving sales and outreach email channels. Complete email tracking is a business essential these days. Paid subscriptions like Sidekick, Streak, and Yesware, provide such integrations.

#5 Sit back and relax: Schedule your emails in advance

You don’t have all day to create and send emails right. Well, you can use email management extensions like Streak and Sidekick and schedule all your emails to be sent later. It allows for much better work management and allows you time to focus on critical business operations.

#6 Get notified when people fill out your forms

Taking surveys and recording public opinion has become quite comfortable with Google Forms. To track this data better, you can install apps like SurveyMonkey that sends you notifications each time a user fills your form. No need to keep checking results now and then!

#7 Backup your online data completely free

With G Suite, automatic backups are created to protect your data, contacts, and other vital information. You can implement the same by using backup scripts available on G Suite. (Webmaster supervision advised)

#8 Filter out local contacts when traveling

If you have an Android phone, use Gmail or Google+ then you already use Google contacts. Apps like Salesforce and SugarCRM can be used to fish out local contacts when you are out of town.

#9 Keep your reading list ready beforehand

Using Evernote, you can save all the content you want into a Gmail label and use it later for reading. Pocket and similar other third party apps also provide this feature.

#10 Get notified when your website goes down

Your website and apps should never crash to maintain a healthy business. However, that is not always possible. Using third party apps like Status and allows you to get notified instantly when such an event occurs.

#11 Find out people and firm that have not replied to you

Not hearing back on important emails? Apps like Sidekick, Streak, and Boomerang, go through your inbox and filters out non-replied emails after five days of delivery so that you never have to find a needle in a haystack in case you wish to follow up!

#12 Created targeted email lists automatically

Email management plugins like Sidekick and Collabspot create a growing list of emails that have interacted with you. It comes handy when you want engagement on new announcements and newsletters!

#13 Create and Send automated reports from Google Sheets

How much time will you save here? Apps like allow you to schedule your spreadsheets to be sent as PDFs on a recurring basis to specified addresses. You can schedule these PDFs to go out at exact times. Now, you will never miss your reports in a business meet!


There is a lot of advanced functionality that can be added to G Suite using in-house Google scripts as well as third party integrations and plug-ins. While scripts require a fair bit of technical know-how, you can always invest a little in some free and paid extensions that allow you to extract the maximum potential from G Suite.

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