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Should you buy Google Apps from a Reseller

By July 5, 2016August 26th, 2017No Comments
Google Apps from a Reseller

People predict Google Apps as an email service only, but it is a lot more beyond that. It is now an ecosystem of productivity used by over 5 Million businesses across the World.

Organisations uses Google Apps for everything from email and Collaboration to File Sharing and CRM Management. There are many reasons for Google Apps popularity in the market like its ease of use and scalability for which it has become the first choice for any business looking for SAAS Solutions for their essential business IT needs.

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Apart from its ease of use Google Apps is friendly for Decision Maker & Admins for its ease of setup and deployment. Setting up a Google Apps is simple: Get a Domain Name, Signing up and Configuring the apps you need.

Yes! It’s easy as it sounds as a small business could be up and running within one hour. Now you might be wondering If I can setup the Google Apps myself, Why should you buy Google Apps from Re-seller.

Why you should buy or move your Google Apps to Reseller

Google has made the apps available via a reseller; that’s the option you can consider. Here are the reasons which will help you decide whether you want to roll out Google Apps on your own or Signup with the Reseller who handles it all for you.

#1 Consult to take better Decisions

Google Authorities officially appoint the Google Apps re sellers, which means they have adequate knowledge about the product, plans, and pricing.

Reseller will consult you in choosing the right plan for you as per your needs, and this can save you lot of time and energy to understand the product.

Have a look on the pricing and plans of Google Apps for Work.

#2 Reseller gives you Free Training

People are adequate to learn from the internet but still professional training can save you lot of time, so Getting trained is always a good move.

Reseller is one who are experts in setting up Google Apps and can make you learn how effectively you can use Google Apps to increase productivity. It can save much of your staff time in exploring and learning new things of their own.

#3 Reseller Configure the setting for you

We have been talking from long that setting up google apps is very easy, still configuring could be a pain to kick start because there is a number of setting which you need to pre-configure as per your company policies.

Reseller can help you configure setting as per your business norms which will save your admin time. Also, the reseller can train your admin to manage it further for better administration.

#4 Personalized Support on Deployment

You don’t find any problem while using google apps, but one-time deployment support might be needed for your organization.

Reseller is one who can deploy Google apps for your organization by doing some DNS Management and configuration tasks; you can do this in-house if you have technical people in your team.

Resellers don’t charge for it, so you can ask your vendor to do that.

#5 Takes care for your migration process

Migration could be a big pain if you are moving from your old mail service provider to Google apps, but you need not worry for this. The Google Apps authorized resellers has all the technical competencies to migrate your old emails to Google Apps.

Most of the time Resellers don’t charge for the migration. Still, it depends on the amount of data to migrate.

Note: Confused about Migration Process. Contact our Experts for Migration.

#6 Can offer you Discounts

Google don’t provide any discounts and support if you buy directly from Google Apps website. Resellers have their very thin margins in selling Google Apps still they do offer a discount to customers.

You can always ask for this discount, and I believe reseller will always be happy to provide you this discount if applicable.


I strongly recommend buying Google Apps from Reseller because you are not going get the benefits as mentioned above from buying directly.

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